GDAS Tech Match-making at Parks Series — Guangdong Tops Soft-Park

2021-07-01 L  M  S 】

  On September 11st, the China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Fair 2019 Tech Match-making series — Electronic Information session (GDAS and Guangzhou University Tech Match-making at Parks series — Guangdong Tops Soft-Park) ” was held at Guangdong Tops Soft-Park. The event was initiated by GDAS, and co-organized by the China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Fair office, Guangzhou University, Guangdong Tops Soft-Park, and Guangzhou Gaohang Technology Commercialization Co., Ltd. 

  At the event, more than 10 sci-tech professionals from 4 research institutes gave promotion presentations on outstanding achievements of electronic information, such as “drone-based intelligent inspection system” and “ultra-high resolution Micro-LED display”. 

  The activity is the second session of the “Tech Match-making at Parks” series carried out by GDAS after the previous one at South China Advanced Materials Innovation Park. The series aim to help tech enterprises of incubators, industrial parks, and innovation and entrepreneurship platforms to overcome common technical problems and specific technical challenges in their production and R&D, and to promote industry-university-research cooperation and technology commercialization. 

the seminar