Subordinate Institutes

  1. Guangzhou Institute of Geography, GDAS

  2. Institute of Microbiology, GDAS  

  3. Institute of Biological and Medical Engineering, GDAS

  4. Institute of Analysis, GDAS / China National Analytical Center, Guangzhou

  5. Institute of Nanfan and Seed Industry, GDAS

  6. Institute of Eco-environmental and Soil Sciences, GDAS

  7. Institute of Zoology, GDAS

  8. Institute of Electronic Products and Electrical Appliances, GDAS

  9. Institute of Resources Utilization and Rare Earth Development, GDAS

  10. Institute of New Materials, GDAS

  11. Institute of Semiconductors, GDAS

  12. China-Ukraine Institute of Welding, GDAS

  13. Center for Industrial Analysis and Testing, GDAS

  14. Institute of Intelligent Manufacturing, GDAS

  15. Institute of Chemical Engineering, GDAS

  16. Guangdong Science and Technology Library / Institute of Information, GDAS

  17. Industrial Technology Incubation Center, GDAS

  18. Institute of Strategy Research for the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, GDAS

  19. Foshan Institute of Industrial Technology, GDAS

  20. Meizhou Institute of Industrial Technology, GDAS

  21. Zhuhai Institute of Industrial Technology, GDAS

  22. Jiangmen Institute of Industrial Technology, GDAS

  23. Guangdong Academy of Sciences Holdings Co., Ltd.