GDAS Holds Technology Matchmaking Industrial Park Tour for Innovative Businesses

2021-07-01 L  M  S 】

  On August 2, organized by GDAS and South China Advanced Material Innovation Park, the “GDAS—South China Advanced Material Innovation Park Technology Matchmaking Industrial Park Tour — Innovative Businesses & Institutes (2nd session)” was held at GDAS Institute of Chemical Engineering. 

  Endorsed by South China Advanced Material Innovation Park, altogether 11 representatives of 5 businesses participated in the event, looking for cooperation opportunities with the institute. The two sides were brought together and had in-depth discussions regarding technical problems in production and R&D. The match-making was well received by the businesses and has witnessed initial consensus of cooperation on a few projects. 

  This event is a special session of the “Technology Matchmaking Industrial Park Tour” series organized by GDAS and South China Advanced Material Innovation Park, aiming to solve technical problems encountered in the production and R&D of enterprises in industrial parks, incubators, and enterprise cluster areas, and to promote industry-university-research cooperation and the commercialization and application of scientific research results. The 1st session took place at GDAS Institute of Materials and Processing. 

the activity

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