Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) intelligent control technology and system

2021-07-01 L  M  S 】

  Name: Typical case of " Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) intelligent control technology and system" achievement transformation. 

  Features of the results: "Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) intelligent control technology and system" is an integrated data acquisition, data processing and data application software based on autonomous learning intelligent flight control technology, UAV remote sensing images efficient data processing and service technology, autonomous identification feature extraction and analysis technology, deep image processing and analysis technology for industry applications, and data visualization management and display technology. 

  The role played by internal or external third-party technology transfer agencies: The team has continuously applied the results to the electric power, water, mapping and forestry industries, eventually forming mature application technology results and finding the precise corresponding cooperative enterprises to complete the transformation of the results of this technology. 

  Application fields of the transformation of achievements: the achievements can be compatible with 80% of UAV in the market from micro size to medium size, consumer product to professional product, including whole series of products of Dajiang, and can be widely used in various industries such as water-related affairs, power industry, agriculture, transportation, environmental protection, land resources, public safety, emergency aid, etc. 

  Economic and social benefits: with the help of this achievement, we can automatically complete the route planning, a variety of data acquisition, data processing, data management and applications, meet the data acquisition requirements of various application scenarios, realize the automated control of UAV, intelligent operation and data processing and application, reduce manual operation, lower the occupational limitation, ensure flight safety, and improve the efficiency of data processing.