GDAS Accelerates the Construction of Joint Technology Center with the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus

2021-05-11 L  M  S 】

  From December 10th to 12th, a delegation led by vice president of GDAS LI Dingqiang visited the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus (NASB) and Great Stone Industrial Park. GDAS and NASB further implemented the cooperation regarding to the construction of the Joint Technology Center in the Great Stone.

  The delegation learned in detail the development of technology in Belarus and the significant achievements NASB got in various fields. In NASB’s Institute of Physics and Technology, the United Institute of Informatics Problems and the Institute of Powder Metallurgy, the delegation was further introduced the basic situation, academic fields, key research orientation and the transformation of technological achievements. In Greater Stone Industrial Park, Ren Fei, vice general manager of Great Stone Industrial Park Co., Ltd. Introduced the planning, current construction, preferential policies, and entrance conditions of the Industrial Park.

  In the discussion with Sergei Chizhik the first Vice Presidentof the Presidium of the NASB, LI pointed out that the NASB boasted a strong research capability and many technological fruits, and GDAS would continue to cooperate with the NASB in fundamental research, technology development, talent training etc. in order to jointly serve the economic and social development of the two countries. He emphasized that the partnership with the NASB was one of the key international projects determined by GDAS. Through close high-level exchanges, the institutes had active connections for projects, enabling a deeper and wider cooperation. Chizhik expressed that GDAS is an important partner to NASB; both sides worked together smoothly and the cooperation has a solid foundation. The joint technology center built by GDAS and NASB will carry out extensive and in-depth cooperation in technological innovation and talent exchanges for motivating the development for both countries.

  GDAS signed an agreement with the NASB and with China-Belarus Aerospace High-Tech Industry R&D Center Co., Ltd on promoting the construction of a Joint Technology Center that could impel the innovation of working mechanisms, speed up the cooperation on technology innovation and commercialization as well as better serve the Belt and Road Initiative. The signing ceremony was witnessed by ZHANG Jishan, Science and Technology Counsellor of the Chinese Embassy in Belarus, and Academician Olovich Valenkin, Director of the Department of Mathematics and Information Science of NASB and representatives of GDAS.

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