International Forum on Nanfan Modern Breeding held by GDAS

2021-05-11 L  M  S 】

  From December 9th to 12th, “Yazhou Forum: 2019 International Forum on Nanfan Modern Breeding” was organized in Sanya by GDAS. LIAO Bing, president of GDAS, ZHOU Zhouyu, vice president of GDAS, DAI Jingwei, academician of China Academy of Engineering and professor at China Agricultural University, JIA Zhiren, chairman of China Sugar Association, FENG Tong, deputy director of Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of Guangdong Province, MENG Lin, CEO of Sun Wah Technology Group and invited guests attended the forum.  

  The forum themed as “Speeding up Breeding, Promoting Nanfan” aimed to accelerate the process of breeding with exchanges of technology and concepts, to spread the breeding concept of crop engineering and to strengthen the innovation of agricultural technology of China. More than 110 leading scholars from China, France, Italy, Australia, Brazil etc focusing on studies of sugarcane, beet, corn, rice etc participated the event.

  LIAO Bing emphasized that seed breeding was the “chip” of agriculture and only when seed breeding was safeguarded can the “foundation” of national food security be solid. As China attached great importance to the construction of the Nanfan Scientific and Research Breeding Base, GDAS is fully committed to Nanfan Base development. In the future, GDAS will build up a “Nanfan Park for Seed Breeding Innovation and Entrepreneurship” in Hainan Sugarcane Breeding Farm, Institute of Bioengineering, GDAS. The park will be compatible with abilities of research, productivity, sales, training and exchanges, technology commercialization in high-tech seed breeding etc. Meanwhile, GDAS will spare no efforts to make the park become a gathering for elites and an organization carrier for deep integration of industry-university-institute seed-breeding technology as well as for incubation of seed achievements. GDAS will transform the park into a high-end platform for the innovative development of national Nanfan seed breeding.

  The forum was held in various forms such as lecture and seminars for in-depth exchanges and discussions on different topics including advanced technology in modern breeding like whole genome selection and haploid acceleration, as well as the construction of Nanfan. During the forum, the experts and scholars also visited different top research institutes like Hainan Sugarcane Breeding Station and Guangdong Nanfan Service Center, where they put forward guiding opinions and suggestions on the planning of the Nanfan Seed Breeding and the future development of the Hainan Sugarcane Breeding Station.

  The forum was organized by the Institute of Bioengineering GDAS, the National Maize Improvement Center, China Agricultural University; co-organized by the National Sugar Industry Technology System, and received strong support from the China Sugar Association. 

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forum activities