Prof. LI Liying of GDAS Institute of Zoology Receives Certificate of Distinction by ICE Council

2021-05-14 L  M  S 】

  Recently, the Council for International Congresses of Entomology (ICE Council) has announced in Finland the selection of three female scientists to be awarded the 2020 Certificates of Distinction for Outstanding Achievements. Among them is Prof. LI Liying, a research fellow at GDAS Institute of Zoology, who is the second Chinese scientist to earn the honor since the establishment of the awards in 1996.

  Endorsed by the ICE Council at the quadrennial International Congress of Entomology, the Certificates of Distinction are a recognition of outstanding achievements in both fundamental and applied studies of entomology.

  Prof. LI Liying has previously been the Director of Guangdong Institute of Entomology (now GDAS Institute of Zoology), Vice President of the Entomological Society of China, Vice President of the International Congress of Entomology, and Executive Director of International Plant Protection Congress and Asia-Pacific Congress of Entomology. She has long been engaged in the research of integrated control of agricultural and forestry pests, especially in biological control of pests, and the biology, ecology, breeding and application of pests’ natural enemies. LI Liying has pioneered the internationally-leading research on the breeding of Anastatus wasps and Trichogramma wasps by using artificial eggs, and created a new approach for pest control with entomopathogenic nematodes in China, thus enjoying a high reputation in the entomological circles at home and abroad. LI has contributed significantly to exchanges and cooperation between entomologists from China and the rest of the world.

the training program held by LI liying in 1997