Prof. Tobias?Melz from Fraunhofer Alliance Adaptronics visits GDAS

2021-05-14 L  M  S 】

  On November 21st, Prof. Tobias Melz, Chairman of Fraunhofer Alliance Adaptronics visited GDAS and met with LI Dingqiang, Vice President of GDAS.

  At the meeting, LI introduced the history of GDAS’s development, research platforms, research fields, technology commercialization and international cooperation. He pointed out that GDAS focused on research in applied technologies for industry development and at the same time carried out fundamental research for application of key technologies, so as to promote technology innovation and upgrade industries. LI hoped to deepen and increase cooperation with Fraunhofer and work together for high-quality manufacturing in Guangdong.

  Melz appreciated the advanced manufacturing in Guangdong and Guangdong businesses’ pursuit of high-quality products. He said that Fraunhofer had accumulated extensive experience in intelligent manufacturing and reliability technologies and hoped to provide technical expertise and support for the manufacturing industry in Guangdong.

  The two sides then discussed the proposals about co-building the China-Germany Institute of Equipment Technologies. Prof. Metz was also shown around to see the China-Germany Laboratory of Industrial Equipment and its set-up, operation and ongoing projects.

the meeting

group photo