Real Time Kinematic Control Method of Robot Manipulators in Compound-constraint Environment
  Flexible manufacturing and human-machine cooperation have become an important development trend of robots because of the great application potential in the field of intelligent manufacturing. During the deployment of the rob...
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Simultaneous Obstacle Avoidance and Target Tracking of Multiple Wheeled Mobile Robots with Certified Safety
  Mobile robots with autonomous mobility have been obtaining more and more attention from a large number of people, which have found their applications in logistics, warehousing, service and so on. With rapid development of c...
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Significant Progress on the Development of Covalent Organic Frameworks-Based Solid-Phase Microextraction Probe
  Rapid, sensitive, and accurate analysis of trace environmental pollutants is urgently required in the field of environmental analytical chemistry. Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFASs) are a series of persistent organi...
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